We all have our favorite pizza places, and it’s never easy to pick just one. On any given day, a mouthwatering and delectable pizza is a source of comfort. The food market has increased in the recent decade, bringing new and unique foods to the table. The same may be said about pizza parlors. Some have been in business for years, while others are facing stiff competition from new pizza manufacturers. It’s difficult to select from so many alternatives, and there’s a never-ending argument about where to get the greatest pizza in Karachi.

However, we’ve produced a list of some of Karachi’s greatest pizza joints to quench your appetite.

California Pizza

California Pizza has locations throughout Pakistan, including more than five in Karachi. With your friends and family, you may enjoy the friendly and welcoming ambience of California Pizza. You may order directly from their website if you’re having a pizza party at your house. Also, they always have some excellent bargains that are worth taking advantage of. Along with the pizza, you may order appetizers and sides. There are two basic types of pizza flavors. Meaty and cheesy flavors are common. You may order spaghetti, burgers, and sandwiches in addition to pizza.

Order Herehttps://menu.californiapizza.com.pk/

Pizza Point

Pizza Point in Karachi serves tasty and inexpensive pizzas. They have several locations in Karachi and are able to retain loyal clients because of their affordable yet delicious pizzas. Shawarma Lovers, Spicy Italian, Chicken Max, Arabian Green and many more are among the restaurant’s unique pizza varieties. Small, standard, large, and giant pizzas are available, as well as the thin crust and thick crust options.

Order Herehttps://www.pizzapoint.com.pk/

Yellow Taxi

Yellow Taxi allows you to customize your pizza to your preferences. The customization option provides everything needed to create one’s ideal pizza. You begin by choosing a crust type, and then assemble your pizza step by step. They provide a large selection of sauces, meats, and veggies that may be combined in any way you choose. They have pizzas in a variety of sizes, ranging from a single slice to Yellow’s Special Three Layered Pizza, with flavors such as Three Layered Pepperoni and Bugerizza, with a fusion of burger and pizza.

Order Herehttps://www.yellowtaxipizzaco.com/

Caesar’s Pizza

Caesar’s Pizza is a Karachi restaurant that serves real Italian cuisine. The cuisine is excellent and delectable. The room boasts a noteworthy interior layout and a soothing environment. Customized pizzas are available at Caesar’s Pizza. Exciting flavors such as Very Veggies, Mughlai Majesty and Tandoori Twist are the most loved by our customers.

Order Herehttps://caesars.com.pk/


Amichi is steadily climbing the ranks of Pakistan’s leading pizza brands. Amichi, which has many locations in Karachi, serves great and delectable pizzas.

There are a variety of pizza varieties, each having its own distinct flavor and name. You can completely customize your pizza; from pizza to pasta dishes, Amichi is known for its “Create Your Own” concept. Their most loved flavors are Spicy Tex Mex, Margherita and the famous Amichi Special. The filling for filled pizza dough is a rich, flavorful cream cheese that tastes fantastic.

Order Herehttps://amichi.pk/

Kababjees Pizza

Kababjees Pizza is one of Karachi’s most popular pizza joints, with four locations around the city. It’s recognized for its excellent pizzas made with hand-stretched, fresh dough. The menu offers a broad choice of amazing pizzas deals monthly. Their flavors include Chicken Mughlai, Cheesy Lover, Sriracha and Ranch Pizza. It also serves appetizers and beverages along with its delicious pizza.

Order Herehttps://kababjeespizza.com/

Famous O’s Pizza

The restaurant is located in DHA and has a plain appearance, but an inside with a modest setup and a distinct 1970s ambience. Famous O’s Pizza is referred to be a New York Style Pizza since it is available as a slice or a complete pizza, with customizable pizzas and create your own split with a variety of inches from 10-inch split to 20-inch split. The pizzas are distinguished by their thin, foldable, crispy dough topped with sweet tomato sauce and aged mozzarella cheese.

Order Herehttps://famousos.com/

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