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5 Tips For Writing Great Menu Descriptions

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Tips for Writing Best Menu Descriptions

Restaurant food has experienced a great rise in the past few years. And people go to restaurants for food and your food is portrayed on the menu. This is why menus are extremely significant because any person who walks through that door will have a look at your menu. A menu is not just a list of items with their prices next to them, instead, it portrays the real concept of your restaurant. It shows creativity, quality, and style. Listed below are the five most well-researched pointers that would help you design the perfect menu for your restaurant.

Keep It Short

Never bore your customers with extensive details. The guests are likely to get annoyed and wouldn’t even finish going through your entire menu. Descriptions of meals should be cut, precise, and appealing. One must know the art of using such enticing language that is bound to make one’s mouth water.

Ignite the Senses

Using appetizing and sensory words to attract customers is a very smart move. Putting out your menu upfront with descriptions like fiery, saucy, decadent would drive the sense of your guests, making them order almost everything on the menu. According to research, using sensory techniques the restaurants experienced a rise in the sales by over 27% and observed an overall positive attitude and atmosphere.

Placing the Prices

So a very common psychological fact is that if you list down all the items of the menu on one side while placing the prices on the other. The customer would likely be ordering food concerning price and not the actual dish. The smart way to go about prices to place them next to the description and also avoid putting the dollar or euro sign.

Know Your Audience Well

It is important to know what kind of people you’re expecting on your premises. Is it families? Students? Or everybody? Therefore, designing menus that are appealing to your type of customers is important. If you are a family restaurant, you need to have something for adults while also having a kids menu for the children. If your customers are mostly students, then you must have a variety of snakes.

Design Wisely

The menu is just a piece of paper, but it is pretty much the entire gist of all your blood and sweat. You have around 120 seconds for a guest to go over your menu and make a decision. So make sure you design your menu in such a way that it is easy to skim through. Organizing food groups into categories, using attractive colors, and using bolds for special dishes would bring out that piece of paper.

Final Words

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