Eid is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, delicious mithai. With the festival around the corner, the quest for the perfect sweet treat to share with your loved ones is on. Fortunately, the tradition of enjoying mithai has been made even more convenient. Now, you can easily order your favorite mithai from the best sweet shops directly through their websites.

Let’s dive into the list of top sweet shops in Pakistan where you can find delightful mithai for Eid;

  1. Kababjees Bakers
  2. Khalid Sweets
  3. Mehmood Sweets
  4. Abdul Wahid
  5. Rehmat-e-Shereen
  6. Darbar-e-Shireen
  7. Asr-e-Sheereen
  8. Rewari Sweet Mart
  9. Hafiz Sweets
  10. Ahbab Sweets
  11. SUAAD Bakers
  12. Continental Bakers
  13. Sohny Sweets
  14. Sindh Sweets


  1. Kababjees Bakers

As Eid approaches, the search for the perfect mithai takes center stage, and Kababjees Bakers in Karachi emerges as a prime destination for Eid treats. Known for blending tradition with innovation, Kababjees offers a delightful array of sweets perfect for the festive season. Embrace the convenience of ordering directly from their website to bring the joys of Kababjees Bakers’ exquisite sweets right to your doorstep.

  1. Khalid Sweets

Khalid Sweets stands out for its rich tradition and variety of mithai. Known for their impeccable quality and taste, Khalid Sweets offers a wide range of sweets that embody the essence of traditional Pakistani desserts. Order directly from their website to ensure you get their authentic taste delivered right to your doorstep.

  1. Mehmood Sweets

Mehmood Sweets is another name that resonates with quality and tradition. Their specialties include a variety of classic mithai that are perfect for Eid celebrations. By ordering online, you can skip the queues and have these delectable sweets delivered in time for your Eid feast.

  1. Abdul Wahid

Abdul Wahid is renowned for its unique flavors and premium quality mithai. They have a rich heritage of creating sweets that are perfect for special occasions like Eid. Visit their website to explore their collection and place your order online for a hassle-free experience.

  1. Rehmat-e-Shereen

Rehmat-e-Shereen offers a delightful range of traditional sweets, including some of the best barfis and halwas. Their commitment to quality makes them a preferred choice for Eid celebrations. Order directly from their website to enjoy their mouth-watering mithai.

  1. Darbar-e-Shireen

Darbar-e-Shireen is a treasure trove of sweet delights, offering everything from classic mithai to innovative sweets. Their website makes it easy to choose your favorites and have them delivered just in time for Eid.

  1. Asr-e-Sheereen

Asr-e-Sheereen is known for its exquisite mithai that perfectly captures the essence of Pakistani sweets. Their website provides a seamless ordering experience, ensuring you get your Eid treats without any fuss.

  1. Rewari Sweet Mart

Multan’s best, the Rewari Sweet Mart specializes in traditional sweets that are crafted with love and care. Their website allows you to easily select and order your Eid sweets, ensuring a sweet celebration.

  1. Hafiz Sweets

Hafiz Sweets offers a wide variety of traditional mithai, made with the finest ingredients. Their website is designed to provide a convenient way to enjoy their delectable sweets this Eid.

  1. Ahbab Sweets

Ahbab Sweets is known for their quality and variety, offering everything from gulab jamuns to barfi. Ordering directly from their website ensures that you get authentic, delicious mithai for your Eid celebrations.

  1. SUAAD Bakers

SUAAD Bakers combines tradition with innovation, offering a range of mithai and baked goods. Visit their website to get your Eid sweets delivered to your door.

  1. Continental Bakers

Continental Bakers is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of traditional and contemporary sweets. Their website offers an easy way to order your favorite mithai online, ensuring a memorable Eid celebration.

  1. Sohny Sweets

Sohny Sweets is famous for its delightful range of mithai, perfect for Eid. Their easy-to-use website ensures that you can enjoy their sweets without any hassle.

  1. Sindh Sweets

Sindh Sweets offers a wide array of traditional Pakistani sweets, making it a go-to place for Eid celebrations. Their website provides a convenient way to ensure your Eid is filled with the sweetest treats.

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