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Tips for Keeping Restaurants Afloat as COVID Cases Increases

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With the Corona pandemic’s spread, the world’s economy has collapsed, and people suffered a lot. Since the bill has passed and the situation is under control,the restaurant act was somehow considered. People are now opening their restaurants with Digital Menu Board, and the approval of the government allowed the employees back on work with SOPs. However, the customers can get the food by taking it away, or the permissions of sitting in the restaurant is still under notice.

Marketing tactics to keep the customers

No doubt, loyal customers to your restaurant can connect to you by becoming part of the digital platform. They can place an online order during the pandemic situation, takeout, and delivery is possible. You can get a media presence by utilizing localized advertisement technology and demographic filters for marketing your menu.

Online customers must be the focus

Unfortunately, online customers are neglected by the restaurant owners, and they don’t give attention to the online orders much than dine-in customers. Since the pandemic situation overwhelmed everything is changed now, restaurants are making changes to their menus regularly. It will help you get the orders and stay connected to the customers for existing menu items. Few things must be updated in account with the restaurant to provide better service.

1. User Accounts

Now the restaurants have their application that can be used on the mobile phone by signing up to the desired restaurant and order online. It helps the restaurant staff collecting data and enables them to create targeted advertising material for the customers.You can be even able to collect information from the previous order and area of interest along with their addresses.

2. Promo Codes and Coupons

Promo codes and coupons are the best sources to get your customers back and order again for special events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can even limit the timing of the voucher to increase the sale of the restaurant.

3. Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling help you find the customer’s real desire wants, and the meal’s quantity. You also can create deals and bundles along with the beverages such as with large pizza some ml drink is free. These technologies can enable the implementation of the ideas with the consensus of the restaurant owner.

4. Delivery Methods

It would help if you understood how the customer wants delivery of the food he ordered. It could be delivered at home by placing it on the door, contactless curbside pickup, or any other option.

5. Feedback

When you see your previous order was satisfactory, then go-ahead for the next customer. Feedback from the customer can increase your restaurant’s rating and bring more customers through email or messages.

2021 COVID Challenge

2020 was the year full of fear, deaths, and economic downfall, but this 2021 year will have many chances to face the challenges of Covid-19. Restaurant in Karachi, now upgrading their online ordering system using the latest marketing tools and social media power.

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