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How to Use Curbside Ordering To Maintain Your Sales during the COVID –19 Pandemic?

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How To Use Curbside Ordering During COVID-19?

As the whole world has been fighting from the battle COVID-19, there have been various businesses that are either making themselves more competitive or closed. Some states are forcing the stores to be closed temporarily, but many of them are operating as skeleton crews. As the states have been shedding light on how the new businesses can be reopened, some companies are thinking about making some high sales and supporting their customers.

Curbside pickup has been associated with multichannel businesses for the last so long years. Some companies have been considering implementing this model besides not having the proper infrastructure or support systems. It is essential to know how to use the curbside pickup to maintain your sales during COVID 19.

Indolj – the market leaders in providing ultimate digital menu solutions and digital menu boards have some useful information for you regarding curbside ordering.

Order Taking & Customer Service

Some of the small retailers are not capable enough to take online orders. If you are one of them, then you should be efficient much to take orders through phone. Now the central issue is to provide the customers with the specific SKU number. They should know about their item stock processes.

Few primary considerations to follow for order taking are:

  • Will you be taking the orders through email, phone, website, or a combination?
  • How will you be checking the inventory availability?
  • Will you be limiting the card payments to the phone or online being contact-free?
  • Is your current system capable of capturing orders, or is it an operating manual?

Order Picking

The majority of the retail companies will prefer to pick just one order at one time. This is, although slow but will enable the company to function correctly. You should know if the customer order needs to be generated from the POS or through a handwritten document?

Order Staging

This has to be done quickly to pull themselves for the customers who are awaiting curbside pickup. Ask yourself is there any space for this. What is your strategy to bundle the box orders or bags? Are you ready to utilize shelving or the racking for staged orders?

Customer Communication

In case you are already running an ecommerce site, you are left with so many benefits for the store pick or curbside pickup. This will include store order entry or sales tax as well as address verification. Validating SKU numbers or inventory availability and secure credit authorization or order status is also part of it.

You also need to acknowledge all the orders by merely providing a pickup time through text or email. Customers can quickly notify you through call or text once they have arrived.

Adhere to Government Guidelines & SOPs

We are not advising you of any directives’ violation through the local or state and federal health and safety agencies associated with the COVID-19 crisis. Most importantly, your priority needs to be all concerned about the employee and customer safety.

Final Words

Indolj is a reliable platform where all the restaurants are offered to have a smooth online ordering system. We have a team of specialized experts who are working to provide the owners of a restaurant in Karachi with the facility to custom build their entire digital menu board system to display it in front of the world. For more details and information contact 0300-8298995 or get in touch with the customer care at info@indolj.pk.

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