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Why You Need In-House Online Ordering System

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The Perks of In-House Online Ordering System


Getting food delivered at home has grown widely over the past few years and especially during the pandemic. It is further expected to grow in the upcoming years. With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, it makes more sense for a restaurant to initiate online ordering! Thus, it is better for a restaurant to have its own online ordering system instead of running it through a third-party platform.


The core benefit of having your own online food ordering system is that it allows you to keep all the profits, despite cutting out the middleman percentage (that is what the 3rd party apps do). While you have to pay a flat fee for some of the features but at the end of the day, the orders would be all yours.


Full control over the ordering experience leads to consistency. And consistency is what builds customer loyalty. The customer would see your own food ordering website instead of a different app.


The other food delivery apps keep all the customer information to themselves. That way you don’t even know who your customer is. In-house online ordering system allows restaurant owners to get to know their clients and have all their data. You can then interact with your customers through your representative instead of having another company talk for you. This would help you learn about the most popular dishes and who are your most loyal customers, and what are their ordering habits. This feature would help you in order to improve your menu continuously depending on the demands.


The restaurant owners are given the opportunity to guarantee a more heightened sense of loyalty. Through a third-party app, the customer might order from one restaurant while the other some other time. They are loyal to the food app, not your restaurant. The In-house ordering system would make your restaurant the star of the show despite all the competition in the market.


An In-house ordering system would you and your restaurant stand out in the eyes of the customers. Instead of being overshadowed by countless other restaurants. With your own system, you have no competition.

The Best In-House Online Ordering System?

Indolj is one of the best platforms for restaurants to have their own online ordering systems. It has the team of highly trained staff working behind the app. It offers restaurant owners the facility to custom build their own digital menu system and then present it to the world. For more details and information, contact 0300-8298995 or get in touch with the customer care at info@indolj.pk

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