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Optimizing Restaurant Takeout & Delivery for Success & Profitability

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Optimizing Restaurant Takeout & Delivery Process

When the COVID-19 pandemic widespread across the world, it made the restaurants more vulnerable business from dining to cafes almost everyone affected. In this scenario, the most pivoted restaurants started online delivery and takeouts with Digital Menu Board. We gained access to the restaurants and met the demands of post-COVID-19 by online delivery. The fear of coronavirus deeply penetrated the people’s psyche, so the eating habits are shifting to less favorable social dining. Following are the tips on how restaurants can optimize for delivery services.

Dive Into Menu Engineering

First of all, you must redraft the menu for online delivery because it is not necessary bestsellers in a physical dining room may not acquire the same place on an online order. There must be many things done to the pragmatism concerns like temperature change, spilling during delivery, and presentation.

Create A Balanced Pricing Strategy

When creating a regular pricing list, you have to include packaging material, fuel charges, staff salary, and delivery cost that is 10% to 15% higher since you can test price points over time before making some final deal.

Perfect The Delivery Process

The delivery service must be flawless when you are online doing online delivery from the application or website to the customer’s doorstep. You may need to focus the speed and convenience for delivery service, which shouldn’t be compromised by updating deliveries, vehicle maintenance, integration with restaurant system, and route optimization.

Contactless Payments Are A Necessity 

It may have become obsolete to pay hand-to-hand cash exchange in the future; there are already contactless payments from ApplePay or Samsung Pay.

Optimize The Kitchen For Delivery Orders 

To enhance the restaurants’kitchens, they are optimized for efficiency with back-end spaces and workflows with increased orders. Make sure the safety for employees by social distancing and guideline from authorities. Moreover, the kitchen must have enough space for creating distance and fast making it possible to deliver orders.

Take Care Of Your Staff

Having a secure financial safety net for the workers is something the industry stakeholders need to initiate for online delivery service.Social distancing should be applied to the staff, and there must be heat detection devices to check the employees’ temperature.

Let Them Know You Follow Safety Standards

Everyone loves itself, making sure that you are taking all the precautions while making the order and delivering it. During the pandemic crises, the restaurant must take note of the shifts. All the ingredient sourcing must be brought under preventive measures, have strict guidelines with gloves, hand sanitizer usage, and stay loop about health.

Reevaluate marketing strategies

Restaurants must adopt a digital approach by giving the customers online gift cards, social media, and loyalty programs. Now real-time data can be obtained and reach the regular customers and to get interactive with them.


Restaurant in Karachi optimizing their online delivery options during the COVID-19 with pre-planning and taking all the safety measures authority described. It has become the most vulnerable thing to get success and profitability in the food business. 

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