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How to Keep Customers Happy With Online Ordering

Whether you’ve had your online store for a while or are just getting started with e-commerce, you won’t succeed until you can attract customers to your online store. Of course, that sounds easier said than done — gaining consumers for an online business may be…


History of Food Delivery

Although cooking or eating out will always is the best way to eat, they’ve been relegated to luxuries for those with time—or energy—after a hard day at work in this day and age. Food delivery has changed our lives in a variety of ways, allowing…


5 Clever Ways to Accommodate Social Distancing in Your Restaurant

The most obvious advantage of encouraging social distance in restaurants is that it keeps customers and employees safe. Social distance, when used in conjunction with other preventative measures such as frequent hand washing and wearing masks, can assist to minimize the risk of the coronavirus…


7 Ways to Build Your Restaurant

Every restaurant should have an own identity. It’s not only about your brand, the ambiance of your property, or how you treat your customers. It’s all about the experience you create with all of the tools you have at your disposal. Branding allows you to…

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Getting Diners to Use Your Restaurant Ordering System

Consumers are evolving, and they want items to be delivered faster and more effectively. Individuals were progressively substituting carryout orders with deliveries even before last year’s COVID-19 flow of delivery orders, with 21% opting for home drop-offs, according to a poll conducted by Restaurant Business….

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Online Ordering In-House

Food ordering through the internet is here to stay. More than 60% of foodies order takeout or delivery at least once a week, and that percentage is projected to rise. You might join food delivery portals to gain more clients, but why share your earnings…

Online Ordering

Boost Your Online Food Delivery Orders

Having your own branded website and app, where consumers can place orders for click and collect or delivery provides you with a firm foundation and the tools online. Obviously, your next major aim is to increase your internet sales over time. The answer to this…

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Choosing Online Ordering System for your Restaurant

After you’ve decided to take advantage of restaurant technology, the next challenge is deciding on an online ordering system for your establishment. It’s difficult to pick one because there are so many service providers who provide this technology on the market nowadays. As a result,…