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Post-COVID 19 Features That May Help Your Restaurant

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Post-COVID-19 Features For Restaurants

While the pandemic has impacted numerous businesses, the food industry has been particularly badly struck. Independent restaurants, unlike chain restaurants and franchises, do not have recourse to bailouts from their parent corporations. Restaurant owners anticipated that even with the government’s stimulus package, it would not be enough to keep staff employed throughout the slump.

This circumstance could not have been predicted at the start of the year. However, as customers and patrons of our favorite restaurants, we can play a role in ensuring the survival of our local and independent eateries. Here are some ideas on how your business may help eateries during the epidemic.

Your Employees

Are your workers going above and beyond to keep your company running in the event of a pandemic? A small token of thanks may go a long way, whether they’re working extra hours or simply keeping optimistic despite the obstacles of working from home.

A small gift in the form of an employer-provided lunch will boost employee morale and show them that they are valued. This increases their likelihood of going above and beyond in the future. Plus, when it’s safer to dine in groups, your favorite restaurant will still be there to greet you for a team lunch.

Offer Discounts On Takeaways

There are now more restaurants than ever that provide delivery, takeaway, or curbside service. If your favorite restaurants are still operating in some form, they are likely to provide delivery or pickup, even if they don’t during regular business hours.

HR leaders in charge of obtaining these discounts for your firm may utilize a corporate benefits platform to seek and secure discounts to local eateries in your region, eliminating the hassle of searching for and negotiating reductions.

Buying From Local FarmsĀ 

While the pandemic and ensuing recession impacted all eateries hard, small and independent businesses took the worst of it. Local eateries will benefit greatly from your patronage, and they require your support much more than corporate franchises. Take advantage of this opportunity to sample some new cuisine or a new dish from a local vendor.

When you return to work, you may continue to support your local farmers and food producers. For your next team birthday party, why not replace commercial donuts with cakes from a local bakery? A local roasting firm can also provide you with workplace coffee supplies.

Support Restaurants On Social Media

For many individuals, money is tight right now. Making significant gifts or purchasing takeout for your staff may be out of your budget if your company is suffering. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of assisting! Without spending any money, social networking is a fantastic way to build a feeling of community, express your devotion, and support local businesses throughout the epidemic.

It’s time for business leaders to stand up and assist their fellow entrepreneurs in surviving the pandemic. Everything you can do to assist, whether it’s buying takeout or presents for your workers, contributing, writing to local legislators, or just posting a message on social media, can safeguard the small eateries at the core of our communities’ existence.

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