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Restaurant Business Guide Amidst The Covid-19 Era

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the world greatly. Businesses have been shut down and the economies are experiencing serious downfalls. People are quarantined in their houses and businessmen are forced to close their businesses due to social distancing. One industry that has been affected the most is the food industry. People are avoiding restaurant food and opting for homemade dishes. However, there are few tips and tricks that would help your restaurant survive, amidst this pandemic. Instead of following the traditional way, you could use the digital way and provide online menus and deliveries to your customers. 


A lot of countries have given permission to restaurant owners to run their businesses while abiding by the rules and regulations. Some of the very common precautions that you must follow as a business owner are listed below.

• Upgrade your ordering procedure from menu cards to the digital menu system, so the orders could be placed online.
• Make sure that the food is packed safely by someone who is properly disinfected and has taken all the safety measures. Such as a mask, clean gloves and face shields.
• The delivery of carriages/bags must be cleaned and sanitized after every delivery. 
• A small sanitizer or an alcoholic wipe should be placed along with the orders so that the customers are encouraged to clean their hands and moreover, it would ensure them that your restaurant has taken all the safety measures. 
• Payments should be converted from cash to online in order to promote” contactless delivery.”
• Another option that should be provided is “leave at the door” policy so that no contact is made amongst the customer and the delivery guy.


Many countries around the world have still not given permission for dine-in to restaurants. However, only a few offer such catering during this pandemic. Some very serious precautions that must be taken during dine-in are listed below.

• Tables should be placed with a good 2 feet distance in order to ensure safe eating.
• Only a very specified number of people must be allowed in the restaurant at a time in order to avoid overcrowding. 
• Tables, menus, seats, cutlery must be disinfected efficiently and quickly after serving each guest.
• Guests who enter the restaurants must be sanitized and thoroughly examined. While the waiters and cooks should be disinfected on a daily basis. A check should be kept on their health. 
• Avoid cash payments and encourage digital payments to avoid contact. 

What You Need To Do?

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