As Ramadan graces us with its presence, Karachi lights up with an aura of festivity and spirituality. The breaking of the fast, Iftar, becomes a daily celebration, and what better way to cherish these moments than with delicious meals that bring families together? In the digital age, the convenience of ordering online has transformed how we approach dining, especially during Ramadan. With this in mind, we’ve curated a list of the 13 best restaurants in Karachi that offer mouthwatering Iftar deals through a hassle-free online ordering system. By opting to order directly from their websites, you not only enjoy great discounts but also the ease of getting your Iftar delivered to your doorstep.

  1. California Pizza – A Box Full of Surprises

California Pizza steps into the Ramadan spirit with its Exclusive Ramadan Sharing Box priced at Rs. 1699. This box is a treasure trove of flavors featuring a Large Half Kabab Popper Pizza, a Pan Pizza, Stuffed Pizza Roll, two types of dip sauces, a large drink, and dates to start your iftar with sweetness. It’s an all-encompassing meal designed to bring joy and satisfaction to your iftar table. For more mouthwatering deals, make sure to visit California Pizza’s website.

  1. Lal Qila Restaurant – A Royal Iftar Experience

Lal Qila Restaurant, known for its majestic dining experience, presents two regal iftar deals. Iftaar Deal 1 at Rs. 2490 includes an assortment of delights such as Khajoor, German Chilli Pakora, Chicken Tikka Boti, and a rich Chicken White Dum Biryani, among other savory and sweet dishes. Iftaar Deal 2 for Rs. 2750 elevates the iftar experience with Crispy Chicken Lollipop, Tandoori Chicken Shashlik, and Egg Halwa, ensuring a memorable end to your fast. Each deal is crafted to reflect the grandeur of iftar dining. Explore these royal feasts further on Lal Qila’s website.

  1. Angeethi – A Taste of Tradition

Angeethi’s Iftar deals are a blend of traditional flavors that promise a fulfilling Iftar experience. Their Tray 01, priced at Rs. 4500, serves four with an array of dishes including Makhni Handi, BBQ Handi Biryani, and Chicken Bihari, among others. For larger gatherings, Tray 02 for Rs. 6000 offers a generous spread for 5-6 persons with added dishes like Chicken Peshawari Karahi and Malai Boti. For more deals, visit Angeethi’s website.

  1. Ala Rahi – A Middle Eastern Feast

Ala Rahi brings the exquisite flavors of the Middle East to your table with its Ala Ziyafet Boxes. The All Mutton Box at Rs. 11900 offers delicacies like Mutton Kebsa and Namkeen Ghosht. The Chicken & Mutton Mix Box, for Rs. 9995, is a mix of Laham khubus Pilaf and Kebab Curry among others. Explore more on Ala Rahi’s website.

  1. Aussie Burger – For the Burger Aficionados

Aussie Burger’s Combo deals are perfect for burger lovers. Combo 1, priced at Rs.1920, offers a duo of Aussie and Smokehouse burgers, ideal for two. Combo 2 is similarly priced at Rs.1870 and caters to the same crowd with Aussie Chicken and Chipotle Chicken burgers. Check out Aussie Burger’s website for more.

  1. Mandi House – A Yemeni Delight

Mandi House introduces you to the rich flavors of Yemen with its Ramazan deals. The Ramazan Deal 1 for Rs. 3700 includes Hummus Chicken Madbee and Kunafa. For a more diverse offering, Deal 2 at Rs. 5500 adds Mutton Kafta to the mix. Visit Mandi House’s website for additional options.

  1. Bam-Bou – An Asian Cuisine Experience

Enjoy a taste of Asia with Bam-Bou’s specially curated Iftar boxes. The Ramzan Box, available at Rs. 999, includes a selection of Chicken Gravy, spring rolls, and more. The Wok Box for Rs. 895 is another great option. Discover more at Bam-Bou’s website.

  1. Big Bash – Pizza Party

Big Bash’s Deal 05 and Deal 06 are perfect for pizza enthusiasts, priced at Rs. 2419 and Rs. 3499 respectively, offering large and jumbo pizzas with a liter of drink. More deals can be found on Big Bash’s website.

  1. Sumac – A Mediterranean Journey

Sumac’s Iftar boxes, Golden Box and Platinum Box, priced at Rs. 7000 and Rs. 9000, offer an extensive array of Mediterranean delights. For a deeper dive into their offerings, visit Sumac’s website.

  1. Zeytin – Authentic Turkish Cuisine

Zeytin offers two Ramadan deals that blend the flavors of Turkey into your Iftar. Deal 1 and Deal 2 are priced at Rs. 3690 and Rs. 5690, featuring dishes like Spicy Chicken Kabsa and Chicken Adana. Learn more on Zeytin’s website.

  1. Famous O’s Pizza – For the Love of Pizza

With deals starting at Rs. 2199, Famous O’s Pizza offers a variety of pizza sizes and sides to make your Iftar special. For all their Ramadan specials, check out Famous O’s website.

  1. Chilleez – A Quick Iftar Fix

Chilleez provides quick and satisfying deals like the Deal 06 for Rs. 530 and Deal 03 for Rs. 600, perfect for a light Iftar. More deals are available on Chilleez’s website.

  1. Tooso – A Desi Twist

Tooso’s Solo Burger Deal and Family Desi Deal, priced at Rs. 800 and Rs. 3100, offer a mix of Western and Eastern flavors suitable for both individuals and families. Visit Tooso’s website for more.

Indolj – Empowering Restaurants in Pakistan

Indolj is revolutionizing the food industry in Pakistan by providing a seamless online ordering system that benefits both restaurants and customers. If you own a restaurant or food business and are looking to expand your reach this Ramadan, partnering with Indolj could be your next best move. Offering an easy-to-use platform, Indolj helps you connect with your customers directly, ensuring that they get the best deals without any hassle. Join us in creating memorable dining experiences this Ramadan. Visit Indolj for more information on how to get started.

In conclusion, the convenience and benefits of ordering Iftar directly from the restaurant’s website cannot be overstated. Not only does it support local businesses, but it also ensures that you get the best possible deals and a hassle-free delivery experience. This Ramadan, make the most of these incredible offers and enjoy Iftar with your loved ones, brought to you by the wonders of the online ordering system in Pakistan.