It’s no secret that Karachiites have always been passionate about eating, and among all the other available cuisines, the mouthwatering BBQ meals best capture this love of food. One of the key causes of Karachi’s seemingly infinite supply of BBQ restaurants is that they are all competing to produce meals with more flavor than their rivals, along with offering online delivery as well.

So here are the best BBQ restaurants in Karachi you need to try.

Malik’s Restaurant

The mouthwatering BBQ dishes offered at Malik’s Restaurant are irresistible. Since 1962, the restaurant has delighted Karachi’s barbecue lovers. Oh, and did we forget to mention that the restaurant offers a vast range of different cuisines in addition to its smoky BBQ? The fact that this restaurant’s location at DMCHS is consistently packed and that it can be challenging to find a seat on weekends serves as evidence of its rising popularity.

Zameer Ansari

Zameer Ansari Kabab Centre is one of the top BBQ restaurants in Karachi, serving meals with an authentic taste and a big menu to enjoy. People always appreciate the sitting arrangement, delectable flavours, and excellent service. Their Red Bihari Tikka, Mutton Dhaga Kabab, Chandan Kabab, Chicken Green Kabab, Nauratan Fry Kabab, and Chicken Tikka is a must try.

Waheed Kabab House

It doesn’t matter if it’s lunch or supper time; going to Waheed Kabab House is an absolute need if you want to get a kick of spices in your BBQ dishes. Waheed Kabab House, which has locations on Burns Road and a branch in Gulshan Branch, Waheed Kabab House is an experienced player in the game of barbecue and delivers a delightful blend of spices and flavours, and likes of which make you keep visiting them back for more.


Visit Tooso as soon as possible if you want to eat BBQ in a historic yet elegant location. The eatery is renowned for its succulent and delectable tikkas. Plan a trip to Tooso with your family, friends, and other loved ones.

Try their BBQ plate, which includes naans, beers, and all the barbecue meals Seekh Kabab, Gola Kabab, Chicken Bihari Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Beef Seekh Kabab, and Fish Tikka.

Shaheen Shinwari

You may precisely discover BBQ cuisine at ShaheenShinwari, which is prepared with the right quantity of spices and softness. If you’ve ever been to its Highway Branch, you’d probably agree that it has a fantastic sitting arrangement and cool winds from being outside the city. The restaurant’s personnel is quite competent. You would need to arrange a seat well in advance because the location is quite well-liked among BBQ enthusiasts in Karachi. Even on weekdays, it’s difficult to get a table at ShaheenShinwari without reservations.

Foods Inn

Foods Inn is a must-try restaurant if you’re craving barbecue since it strikes the ideal mix between heat and softness. Foods Inn is regarded as one of the best in Karachi thanks to the decor, cosy seating, premium cuisine, and knowledgeable service.

You may find additional foods on their menu as well. However, chicken tikka, beef gol kabab, reshmi kabab, chapli kabab, and malai tikka are the BBQ meals that are most adored and frequently attempted.


In Karachi’s competitive food business, Kaybees continues to hold a spot t for eateries serving traditional Pakistani food. For more than 20 years, the restaurant has been providing the residents of Karachi with excellent barbeque cuisine. The things that have kept its consumers’ devotion are the superb quality and flavor of the BBQ cuisine and the top-notch service.

The eatery offers a comprehensive menu that includes appetisers, barbecue meals, BBQ Specialties, steaks, seafood, desserts, etc. Afghani Tikka, Chapli Kabab, Royal Kabuli Pulao, Mutton Behari Kabab, and Lamb Chops are a few dishes you must try. Compared to other BBQ restaurants, BBQ cuisine is far superior in terms of taste and quality. In conclusion, dining at Kaybees is unquestionably worthwhile.

Jashan by Ginsoy

Along with fantastic BBQ meals, the restaurant provides Continental and Chinese cuisine. As a result, the menu at Jashan by Ginsoy features a diversity of cuisines. MalaiBoti, Beef Seekh Kabab, Mutton Chops, and Beef Bihari Boti are a few of the well-known BBQ delicacies. Additionally, it’s very probable that Jashan by Ginsoy will constantly be packed owing to its popularity. To avoid any difficulty, make a reservation before going to the location.

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