A night in is becoming as popular as an evening out these days. Whereas consumers used to consider restaurants as an evening destination, a night of Netflix binge-watching and superb take-out is now just as appealing. Thankfully, these diners are no longer confined to pizza and Chinese food. All restaurants may increase their client base through takeaway and delivery orders thanks to online ordering platforms.

How Does a Restaurant POS Support Online Ordering?

You may provide online ordering at your restaurant in two ways: through third-party sites or through an online ordering POS integration.

Online Ordering Partners from Third Parties

Restaurants may provide online ordering via third-party aggregators by having clients enter their location. Once customers place their order, your restaurant POS will accept it and process the payment totally online, utilizing the integrated payment processing of your restaurant POS.

POS Integration for Online Ordering

A restaurant POS that includes an online ordering system is intended to provide you with greater control and save you money on third-party costs (up to 30%). Because the entire system can be connected, orders are transmitted to the kitchen in seconds rather than minutes, reducing turnaround time, increasing kitchen prioritizing, and delivering meals to pleased customers.

How Restaurant’s Online Ordering Software Can Help Your Business

Improve Your Reputation

Any method you can enhance the eating experience will make you money. By reducing the need for guests to wait in line or be placed on hold, you will boost your restaurant’s image among hungry consumers.

Customers may also design their perfect meals without the pressure of a harried and busy staff, and they can choose goods in a more dynamic, aesthetically attractive fashion than a printed menu ever could.

Increase Income

Customers are more likely to buy more when they can see their orders (and check totals) increasing in real-time since they are more aware of how much food they can obtain before exceeding their nighttime budget. Those appetizers they turned down at the restaurant? They’ll very certainly end up on an internet order.

Furthermore, as previously said, you will save money on third-party app fees, which may range from 15% to 30% on each order.

Increase Your Revenue By Offering Loyalty Benefits

Customers will have greater motivation to prefer your restaurant over the local competitors if you connect your restaurant POS online ordering to an integrated loyalty rewards program. If they have awards in their account or are thus close to earning a new reward, it might be enough to tilt the balances in your favor.

Make Use Of Online Ordering Data For Marketing Purposes

Your POS may now collect important data about client behavior by taking the ordering process online. You may then use this data to automate and tailor your marketing activities, such as targeted adverts, social media postings, and more.

Furthermore, by allowing you to save “favorite” items and monitor repeat orders, a restaurant POS can help customize your follow-up outreach. For instance, if Bob orders a fajita platter every Friday night, your system will assist you in offering him appealing offers and promotions that correspond to his ordering habits.

More Accurate Orders Result In Happier Consumers

Nothing is more aggravating than incorrect orders. It irritates customers, creates delays in the kitchen, and makes workers face the brunt of everyone’s rage. One of the advantages of an online ordering system is that it allows visitors to enter every detail individually, which eliminates the majority of communication concerns.

Finally, happy customers are repeat customers, and online ordering allows them to experience your service with less waiting, less irritation, and a lower danger of unintentional error.

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