Restaurant marketing is a time-consuming process. You have a lot on your plate right now, from managing employees to keeping the kitchen supplied. You scarcely have a minute to call your own when you consider the current challenges of operating a service-oriented firm during a worldwide epidemic.

One of your most vital duties, but also one of the most difficult, is attracting new business. The classic methods include flyer distribution, local radio advertisements, and coupons in the local newspaper. These restaurant marketing techniques may bring customers in the door, but they lack the consistent return on investment (ROI) that digital provides. Because today’s diners search for new eateries online, this is the case. When they’re desiring a specific type of cuisine, they see localised marketing on social media and perform “near me” searches.

Restaurant chains with several locations must reach these high-intent local customers where they are. This entails developing localised digital marketing efforts that target shoppers in the vicinity of each site while also increasing search exposure. These tactics, when used correctly, may reach diners in ways that traditional advertising cannot.

This article will get you started by presenting some of the most popular restaurant marketing trends, as well as how your multi-location company may respond to achieve maximum success.

Mobile Local Search Trends in Restaurant Marketing

Complete and accurate listings for each location: Google favours listings that are free of mistakes and inconsistencies. Completeness may also help a restaurant rank for more particular searches like “chicken sandwich” or “breakfast burrito,” as aspects like your menu can help a restaurant rank for more precise searches like “chicken sandwich” or “breakfast burrito.”

Strong reviews and social signals: This is especially crucial when ranking for searches like “best pizza near me,” since when the qualification “best” is used in a search, Google will only show eateries with four or more stars.

The quantity of internet references of your place is referred to as the citation volume. Restaurants with several locations and more citations rank better in local searches.

Digital Ordering and Reservations

Diners were first exposed to the ease and convenience of internet ordering during the COVID-19 epidemic. It’s a bottom-up approach that begins with local searches. Targeted restaurant marketing is a simple way for multi-location chain restaurants to join in on the action.

Keep in mind that searches are looking for the menu for a single location, not your complete brand. It’s critical to have a site-specific menu with an easy option to purchase online on each local Google My Business listing and local page.

Reviews: The New Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In the form of reviews, today’s word-of-mouth marketing has gone digital. Everyone benefits when people provide reviews for the establishments they frequent. Your current customers will be able to assist others. Potential consumers may see what it’s like to visit one of your sites, and you benefit from the exposure that comes with positive ratings.

Localized Social Media Posts with Centralized Control

Restaurant marketing in 2021 will be focused on local relevance. Make sure that each of your locations has its own social media presence so that it can interact with local audiences and speak to their concerns.

National businesses may easily retain consistency while handing off part of the content for these local pages thanks to today’s marketing technologies.

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