Try going through any social media page without salivating over a plethora of mouth-watering food photos. A delectable meal might entice guests to click the “order now” button. However, not every photograph may elicit such intense feelings.

The huge realm of food photography does not have to be a cause of frustration for beginners. We consulted with industry professionals and compiled a list of simple principles to help you capture delicious photos of your food.

You’ve probably seen the difference between a seamless dinner service and a night in the weeds when a well-thought-out approach is implemented. Using the same thoughtfulness while photographing food will help you take more interesting dish shots with less effort.

Before you pull out your phone or camera, have a look at these easy tips and tricks.


The mood of your restaurant or food truck should be reflected in your photo. Take advantage of this chance to highlight locations that are unique to your location. Start with colourful accent walls, marble worktops, wooden tables, or a sunny terrace.

Take behind-the-scenes shots if you like, but don’t reveal the dirty queue or crowded prep stations.

Keep an eye out for anything that can detract from the main topic of your photograph. Prepare the environment ahead of time by removing any unwanted or ugly distractions from the frame, such as garbage cans or bathrooms.


The importance of plating in food photography cannot be overstated. While deciding how to style your meal, keep the following suggestions in mind:

-Keep your dish neat by serving smaller quantities than usual.

-Select plates and dishes that are basic and neutral in colour (white, gray, black).

-Wipe the plate clean, making sure there are no drips.

-Remember to select a garnish that goes well with your cuisine.

-Consider using a diversity of colours; avoid serving meals that are all the same hue.


The number one error committed in food photographyis “food images employing artificial light instead of merely natural light.” This typical blunder leads dishes to turn yellow and cast unwelcome shadows.

Turn off the flash on your camera or smartphone for the best effects. Use soft, diffused, natural light (think of the illumination you receive on a foggy day).


Everything, even food, has a positive side. Getting the appropriate angle allows your dish to show off its best features.

The shooting angle will be determined by the type of food you’re photographing. Stick to above, 45-degree angle, or straight on for the most part.

Keep in mind that these are merely ideas for shooting delectable images. Our advice is to let your imagination go wild! Take as many pictures as you can from various perspectives. If you find anything you don’t like, you’ll have choices if you use this technique.

People eat with their eyes first, therefore a visually appealing food shot is like a feast for the eyes. To generate material that will interest clients, you don’t need to hire an expert. You can take good food photos on your own if you prepare ahead and take your time.

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