Food delivery and takeaway are two of the restaurant industry’s fastest-growing categories. Food delivery and related services such as curbside pickup and no-contact delivery have exploded as people’s need for convenience and speed grows. Delivery service has offered a second business stream for eateries hit by the epidemic.

One of the first considerations you’ll have to make if you want to hire a restaurant delivery service is whether to establish your own staff or hire a third-party organization. Continue reading to find out how to pick the best in-house delivery service for you!

What Is An In-House Delivery Service?

Filling delivery orders using your own drivers is referred to as “in-house” restaurant delivery. While setting up this delivery strategy takes time and money, it allows you to keep more earnings and have more control over the delivery experience. But how can you start this for your restaurant? Let’s find out.

Get Online Ordering Technology

Install an online ordering system in your business. While third-party services allow you to complete your own deliveries, they may not always interact with your POS. To speed up and simplify delivery, use an online ordering platform like Indolj online ordering system that accepts payments and interacts with your POS.

Staff Up

The next step is to determine your personnel requirements. Do you have enough people to prepare, package, and deliver orders to customers? Is it necessary to hire drivers, or can existing employees do the job?

If you’re going to use your existing staff, be sure they’re up to the task. If you need drivers, get referrals from other restaurateurs. By combining with other eateries, you might even form a driving cooperative.

Ensure that your drivers have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and a knack for providing excellent customer service. It’s a plus if they have their own vehicle.

Find Suitable Vehicles For Delivery

Decide if you’ll use a business car for deliveries or if the drivers will provide their own. You will have greater control if you purchase a business car. While this is a more expensive alternative, you may deduct the payments as a business expense. If drivers use their own cars, be sure to compensate them for petrol and maintenance, as well as provide them with commercial vehicle insurance.

Training Your Delivery Riders

It’s vital to educate your drivers on delivery logistics and customer service.

Create a delivery procedure and train your drivers to follow it. Create a system for planning and optimizing routes as well as notifying new pickups and deliveries. Remember to teach your drivers on COVID-19 safety standards such as contactless deliveries and payments.

Make your customer service training count. Personalized treatment will set your restaurant apart from companies who employ outsourced delivery drivers. Give your delivery drivers the same training as your front-of-house employees; they extend your team. Give drivers advice on how to politely convey delays to clients, where to drop off food bags, and how to interact with them.

Stocking Delivery Equipment

To ensure a quality drop-off, have the correct delivery equipment. The basic minimum of what you’ll need is insulated bags, takeout containers, and plastic ware.

Consider including a thank-you letter, reheating instructions, promotions, and information on your COVID-19 safety procedures on note cards in each delivery bag.

For many hospitality organizations, keeping your restaurant’s delivery orders in-house might be a wise business option. This distribution strategy allows for more control over the customer experience, revenue retention, and customer interaction. While launching a restaurant delivery business might be time-consuming at first, it is definitely worth the effort.

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