Having your own branded website and app, where consumers can place orders for click and collect or delivery provides you with a firm foundation and the tools online. Obviously, your next major aim is to increase your internet sales over time. The answer to this is to improve your digital presence and consumer experience.

Give Customers Exclusive Offers

Customers are always looking for a good deal, and this is something that will never change. So luring them in with special incentives is always a smart idea. Giving your consumers incentives that are exclusive to those channels is a simple but extremely effective method to advertise your delivery and click & collect services – both on your website and app.

Optimize Your Menu

Your online menu should immediately wow and appeal to your consumer. As a result, we always advise fine-tuning and optimizing your menu to highlight appealing meal deals and best-selling products. Also, when feasible, include high-quality photos of food to your menu to make it more aesthetically attractive.

Provide An Efficient Service

At every level of the process, the functioning of online ordering must be efficient. You don’t want to have any bad encounters with packing or food delivery. As a result, your packaging must give quality, a professional appearance, and temperature control. Packaging should also be unique, promoting your business in a good light.

Promote Online Services Offline

You should promote your online ordering platform at every opportunity, and one such chance is in-person engagement with dine-in consumers. Staff can regularly inform dine-in customers about the ordering choices available on your website and app, so that they can click and collect the next time they visit.

Create A Catchy Online Menu

It is critical to have an online menu that is clean, succinct, easy to understand, and communicates all important information. This online menu may be found in a variety of places, including your restaurant’s website and numerous restaurant delivery services.

Focus on Packaging

Food delivery packaging is a crucial component that may make or break a restaurant’s delivery sales. Ensure that the food is properly packaged to avoid spillage and that it is in good shape. In an ideal world, the meal would taste as wonderful as if it were served in a restaurant. You may also use packaging to help your restaurant’s brand stand out.

Encourage Customers To Download App

Its one thing to create a fantastic app, but it’s another to get people to download it. This may seem self-evident, but you must continually advertise and encourage downloads of your restaurant’s food ordering app. This provides your company great real estate on the customer’s phone, placing you at the front of their thoughts when it is time to place an order.

Take Advantage of Digital Advertising

Google Ads and social network advertising, for example, are sophisticated internet marketing platforms that may successfully target your clients at the appropriate time and in the right place. It frequently provides excellent value for money as well as a significant return on investment in the form of higher sales.

Create a Standardized Delivery Procedure

Kitchen workers and delivery drivers should be given specific delivery tasks. Outsourced delivery drivers should be familiar with their service area, and your in-house kitchen staff should know who is in charge of bagging orders so that they can have them ready to go.

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